Croatian Money Challenge

Hey students! I am still having a great time here in Croatia! I will be leaving tomorrow to travel to two new cities called Sibenik and Split. I am excited to see the Adriatic Sea for the first time!


In order to buy food or your gifts I need to use Croatian money. This money is not the same as American money and 6 Kunas is the same as 1 dollar.

If you had ten dollars how many Kunas could you get?

Hint: Multiply by 6

If you have 360 Kunas how much American dollars do you have?

Hint: Divide by 6

One thought on “Croatian Money Challenge

  1. Sari says:

    Marci- We miss you tons! Glad you are enjoying your adventure. Cant wait to hear all the details when you return. Safe travels! We are thinking about you lots!
    Sari, Nate, and Jada

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