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I am finishing up the final steps to complete the steps to becoming Great Lakes Certified through the Shedd Aquarium’s professional development badging program.  Here is an Action Plan I made that could be incorporated into the classroom.

Action Plan


I believe something I would incorporate into my class that really inspired me was Project Noah.  I like their mission of using their website as a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. As teachers are preparing them to be active participants in society and this is a great way to get them connected to nature.

I believe the right project created by the teacher or another participant could work in any elementary grade level classroom. The different missions could be used throughout the year. Living in Chicago I think it would be great to investigate during the four different season and incorporate this into our science and social studies lessons. Yet I am a teacher who believes I could use this in any content area.

For example in the Mission WILD my student could take a field trip and go to the forest/prairies to see what was living in the wild or can be more easily spotted in a different seasons. They could take data and count their spotting’s. They could analyze the data and make a graph out of it. Then do research on their favorite animal to learn more about them or learn more about why one that they saw in fall wasn’t there in the spring. The possibilities are end

Being able to take pictures and load them to the website could get the parents involved too and making this a mission that could continue the learning outside the classroom walls. Anything I can do to get my students to be life long learners is a plus!

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