Fall Challenges Week #2

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1. Kindergarten:

15 bats were sleeping in the cave.

5 bats flew away.

How many bats are still in the cave?

2. First and Second Grade:

Trick or treating will be held from 4:00pm-8:00pm.

Every hour of trick or treating you are able to go to 20 houses and receive 3 pieces of candy from each house.

How many pieces of candy will you have if you trick our treat the entire time?

3. Fourth and Fifth Grade: The students at Halloweentown High are in charge of making the gym into the annual haunted maze.  Marta is putting up decorations on the wall and wants to place them above the heights of maze so students can see them. The maze is up to 200 centimeters tall. Marta is 1.5 meters tall. Is Marta tall enough to hang the decorations above the maze?

4. Middle School: Jimmy is selling his halloween candy for .50 cents a piece. He has 350 pieces of candy. His sister Carla won’t allow him to sell the candy unless she gets 30% of the profit. How much money will Jimmy receive after giving Carla 30% of the profit?


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