Educational Resources

How About Learning takes pride in being able to utilize multiple curriculums and resources to better fit the needs of our students. We also as educators create our own resources from time to time. Our Teachers Pay Teachers page (click here) has material to assist educators and parents in improving student skills.

On our Facebook page (click here) and you will find valuable learning activities, worksheets, and games for students ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade. You will also find some informative articles, opinion pieces, and reflections that link to our journey in becoming a company seeking to help students find the joy in learning. Our hope is that parents, teachers, and tutors alike can use the resources on our page to help all learners not only succeed but enjoy learning! Follow us as we share with you our passion for teaching!

“How About Learning’s worksheets are great because she creates them with her students and the students really take ownership of their learning!”- customer (Parent)

“My students loved knowing another student created the worksheet I gave them to work on. It gave them motivation to want to create one as well! What a great idea!”- customer (Teacher)

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