How It Works

How About Learning’s services are provided at the office location and online based on time and availability. All session time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please call 847-217-9518 to book an appointment.

To check the tutor’s availability view the available slots page and call 847-217-9518, or email to confirm time-slot.


Kindergarten- 5th grade


6th grade- 8th grade


9th grade- 12th grade


**Group sessions can be discussed and special accommodations can be considered.


How does a first session work? 

At the first session, one of our exceptional tutors will give an assessment that would be created by Marcine Adams, owner, and tailored to fit your students’ needs. The tutor and Marcine would then review the assessment and see what their needs are and create a learning plan.

During sessions here at How About Learning, tutors are trained to use worksheets and curriculums that correlate to the material being used within their school district. As each district chooses their own material Marcine and her tutors to use their knowledge and experience to find material within the same scope and sequence, as well as, key concepts and practices. This helps our students to make sure the same strategies are taught and mastered to be able to use them then in the classroom.

How long is a session?

Sessions are one hour long and we typically spend the last five minutes discussing with the guardian how the lesson went and what the homework is.

What form of payment is accepted? 

We take cash, check, or electronic payment. Electronic payment handles are provided on the first day. All payments are due at the end of the session.

Do we have to come to the same session time each week? 

Yes, consistency is key. All our tutors have specific weekly time slots for clients to choose from. We expect clients to choose a slot for a season term; these include fall, winter, spring, and summer.